S.A.M The Label is an environmentally conscious, independent clothing label founded in 2016. Made for women who love luxury, comfort and cares about their impact on the Earth. Most of the garments are made with natural fibers (silk, cotton, wool, linen).

This is helpful because these fibers are naturally biodegradable, which will go back into the Earth, instead of just sitting there for yearssss.

Slow Fashion

S.A.M The Label is slow fashion. The goal is to reduce over production, textile waste and over consumption. Every release will have limited quantities available. Each piece is made to order with a turnaround of 1-4 weeks.

The Upcycle .001 Collection has one -of-a-kind pieces, made from scrap fabric pieces or donated fabric. All pieces are ready to ship.

Meet Sonseeahray, “S.A.M”

Hey Loves!!

Each S.A.M The Label piece is designed, pattern-cut and handmade by me, in Cleveland, OH.

Taught how to sew at 12 years old, I quickly fell in love with it. Went To Fashion School to attain much knowledge.

S.A.M The Label wasn't born into sustainability. But gaining knowledge over the years on how poor the ethics, sustainability and creativity Is in the industry. I switched my mindset of the brand and what it would stand for. knowing that I would not follow the prevalent trend that is, unfortunately, fast fashion.