S.A.M The Label was founded in 2016 by Sonseeahray McHenry.

Sonseeahray describes S.A.M The Label as the brand for women who love to be stylish but comfortable at the same time. With most of the garments made with natural & Organic fibers, S.A.M The Label clothing has the softest feel to touch.

S.A.M The Label strives to offer you a different experience when it comes to online shopping.  Giving you the option to have a tailor fit. Most clothing are designed to fit one specific body. You are more than just standard sizing. We deserve quality and stylish clothes without them being boring because we're taller, shorter, thinner or bigger than "average". 


We’re all about taking care of self and the earth. fast fashion has become a necessity that is making the world we (you) live in toxic. That’s why most of our clothes are made from natural and organic fiber fabrics. Did you know that the clothing and textile industry is the largest polluter in the world, second to oil? consider yourself informed. We strive to keep our waste to a minimum. All orders are made at your demand.


We also have our #wearagain program. We know sometimes your love fades for that garment you once adored. Well, this allows you (our customer) to return items that have been gently worn to us! In exchange you’ll RECEIVE a discount on new purchases and that garment will be given a new life. lets work together to keep earth green!


We take pride in creating clothing available to all women! However, we don't believe that sizes should be separated, i.e. "Plus Size", Petite", "Tall", etc. We are all different in a way, but the same. We are all WOMEN, no matter the height, shape and size. We know how ordering clothing online can be scary. That’s Why we offer made to measure.

No matter the height or shape, we'll have the right look and fit for you! We want to avoid that step of having to get alterations. Who wants to purchase a garment, just to spend more money? We don't; neither do we want you. 

So, we hope that you enjoy our clothing, specially made for YOU. Happy Shopping! 


-Sonseeahray McHenry, HEAD DESIGNER/OWNER